Lockdown has been extremely difficult for everyone and our young people have not been exempt from that difficulty. This new blog is a question and answer session with some of our young people. Through this we hope that by sharing their experiences and feelings they will help other young people to realise that they are not alone in what they are feeling and that their is support out there for them.

This time is the turn of young Ashley to share her experience with us all.

What are you missing most – I miss my family and my closest friends.

What are you looking forward to after lockdown – My mum has planned that I can have a sleepover with my friend Caitlin as soon as this is over, then we will go see my family.

How are you coping with lockdown – Good, because the people in the same close as me have been really helpful.

Do you have support – Yes, I have my Mum and Dad, my neighbours and my big brothers.

Are you aware of other support that is out there – Yes, Kevin from GYIP has delivered some lunches and it has been good to see him as I miss the Holiday programme.