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What people say about GYIP

  • As the Local Community Policing Sergeant for the Govan and Cardonald area, I and my community policing team, including local school campus officers, have regular interactions with GYIP. Through their various diversionary activities, street working and signposting in relation to Mental Health, Sexual health. bullying, alcohol/substance/abuse we have seen a positive impact on the local community. I have no doubt that the continued reductions in anti social behaviour related incidents and positive relationships between police and the local young people is due largely to the interventions and interactions of GYIP on the local community. Sergeant Stefan Bain – Helen St Station
  • Police Scotland officers work closely with GYIP on a regular basis.   GYIP staff are professional, caring and highly valued by the young people of the Govan and surrounding area's.  Their work clearly enhances the safety and well-being of youngsters, particularly those most vulnerable and likely to be involved in criminality and/or alcohol/drugs abuse. The diversionary work undertaken by GYIP helps to reduce anti-social behaviour, not only through providing activities, but by talking to young people in a language they understand and addressing topical subject matters to better educate in life choices.   The work of GYIP in the Govan area, particularly at weekends, can assist police by reducing call demand, therefore allowing police to attend other matters to the benefit of the whole community. PC Craig Cameron – Govan Police
  • "I have seen first hand the excellent work the GYIP carries out in schools having had the opportunity to join in with sessions that they have delivered covering topics such as drug and alcohol awareness and the dangers of smoking.  GYIP provides a great service to the young people in the area, building up good relationships with them.  Each topic delivered by them is covered in a such a way that it is easily identifiable with the young people it is being delivered to, which allows the subject matter to be understood by them. " Constable Leigh McPartland