This year has been different, however. Due to COVID-19, GYIP’s annual Easter holiday provis...

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Youth Provisions

Tuesday Youth Provision – 5.30pm – 8.30pm,  for age 5+ (Elderpark Community Centre, 82...

School Holiday Programmes

Taking place: 10am-12pm + 1pm-3pm, Monday-Friday. Easter Break, Summer Break, and October Break. (Go...

PSE Classes in local High Schools

GYIP also delivers PSE (Physical & social education) classes in our local High Schools. An examp...

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We are open everyday for you to drop in and get information and advice on a range of subjects and is...

What people say about GYIP

  • "I have seen first hand the excellent work the GYIP carries out in schools having had the opportunity to join in with sessions that they have delivered covering topics such as drug and alcohol awareness and the dangers of smoking.  GYIP provides a great service to the young people in the area, building up good relationships with them.  Each topic delivered by them is covered in a such a way that it is easily identifiable with the young people it is being delivered to, which allows the subject matter to be understood by them. " Constable Leigh McPartland
  • "We have found GYIP a pleasure to work with.  They are most professional in all that they do and are always willing to help.  Indeed, they have deep insights into the key areas that Juliette and I are interested in.  This ‘thinking’ has been essential to our research that is funded by RSA (Scotland).  Going forward, I do hope that this strategic partnership can continue for many years to come. Of note, I also think that they do an excellent job with the many stakeholders and, of course, the youth population that they work with." Dr W B Howieson PhD MPhil MBA BSc FRSA, The University of Dundee
  • "GYIP staff have an excellent rapport with pupils of all ages and stages and some of our pupils and ex pupils volunteer with the organisation and this contributes to their CV and future prospects." K Sweeney, Depute Head Teacher, Govan High